Thursday, February 24, 2011

International Space Station Passes

Space Shuttle Discovery launched on its last mission on Thursday February 24 and rendezvoused with the International Space Station (ISS).  In Cincinnati we will have some great chances to see the ISS fly overhead.  Maybe we'll even be able to see Discovery detach from the ISS.  It'll look like a bright, unblinking star moving slowly across the sky.  Below are the dates, times and locations to look for the ISS above the Cincinnati area.  To find out when it passes over your town, please visit:

5 Mar    7:38pm-7:41pm moving NW to NE
6 Mar    8:03pm-8:06pm moving NW to NE
7 Mar    6:54pm-6:59pm moving NW to NE
7 Mar    8:29pm-8:32pm low in the NW
*8 Mar    7:20pm-7:26pm moving NW to E  **Brightest pass of the week**
*9 Mar    7:46pm-7:51pm from WNW to SSE *Another good one*  It will go right past the Moon!
10 Mar    8:15pm-8:18pm from W to S
11 Mar    7:05pm-7:10pm from WNW to SSE

*Check back later this week - times may change slightly due to the Space Shuttle docking and undocking